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Tuba Dei (Latin for "God's Trumpet"), is the largest medieval bell in Poland and one of the largest medieval bells in Europe, hanging in the tower of Ss. Johns Cathedral in Toruń. It was cast in Toruń by local founder Martin Schmidt in 1500, and until the casting of Zygmunt (20 years later) it was the largest bell in Poland.

Tuba Dei
Trąba Boża
Tower bell
Torun dzwon Tuba dei.jpg
Tuba Dei bell
Country Poland
City Toruń
Building Cathedral of SS. Johns
Coordinates 53°00′33″N 18°36′22″E / 53.00917°N 18.60611°E / 53.00917; 18.60611Coordinates: 53°00′33″N 18°36′22″E / 53.00917°N 18.60611°E / 53.00917; 18.60611
Diameter 2.27 m (7 ft)
body and crown 2.00 m (7 ft)
Weight 7,438 kg (16,398 lb)
 - body 7,238 kg (15,957 lb)
 - clapper 200 kg (441 lb)
Caster Martin Schmidt
Style Gothic
Material Bronze
Cast 22 September 1500
Musical note A♭
Sources: [1]
Ss. Johns' tower, on which the bell hangs

The bell weighs almost 7,500 kg (including a 200-kg clapper), has a diameter of 2.27 m, and is 2 m high.

Uppsala CathedralEdit

Another bell, now called Thornan, was taken from Toruń as war booty in 1703 by Swedish forces of Carl XII during the Great Northern War. It hangs in the northern tower of Uppsala Cathedral, having replaced bells destroyed in the Uppsala Fire of 1702.


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