Tsentralny District, Minsk

Tsentralny District (Belarusian: Цэнтральны раён, Russian: Центральный район) is an administrative subdivision of the city of Minsk, Belarus. Its name means "Central District" and is due to its position partly in the centre of the city.[1]

Tsentralny (Цэнтральны)
Coat of arms of Tsentralny (Цэнтральны)
Coat of arms
Location of Tsentralny (Цэнтральны)
CountryBelarus Belarus
VoblastFlag of Minsk Voblast.svg Minsk
MunicipalityCoat of arms of Minsk.svg Minsk
 • Total22 km2 (8 sq mi)
District number1
WebsiteOfficial website


The district is situated in central and north-western area of the city and borders with Savyetski, Partyzanski, Leninsky, Maskowski, and Frunzyenski districts.


Tsentralny is served by the subway and tram networks. It is also crossed by the beltway "MKAD".

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Coordinates: 53°57′04″N 27°30′37″E / 53.9510°N 27.5102°E / 53.9510; 27.5102