Trybuna (Polish pronunciation: [trɨˈbuna]) was a Polish left-wing newspaper, often seen as the outlet of the post-communist factions (Social Democracy of the Republic of Poland, Democratic Left Alliance).

TypeDaily newspaper
PublisherAd Novum
Founded12 February 1990
Political alignmentSocial democracy
Ceased publication4 December 2009
HeadquartersWarsaw, Poland
Circulation50,000 (2009)
OCLC number73601540

History and profileEdit

Trybuna inherited many traditions, including its name, from Trybuna Ludu, the official newspaper of the Polish United Workers' Party. The publisher of the paper was Ad Novum.[1]

The paper ceased to exist on 7 December 2009 (last issue published on 4 December).[2] The official reason: outstanding liabilities towards cooperators and the Polish national Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). Its last editor-in-chief was Wiesław Dębski.

The circulation of Trybuna was 48,509 copies in January–February 2001.[1] Its 2009 circulation was 50,000 copies.[2]


Name Term began Term ended
Marek Siwiec 1990 1991
Dariusz Szymczycha 1991 1996
Janusz Rolicki 1996 2000
Andrzej Urbańczyk 2000 2001
Wojciech Pielecki 2001 2004
Marek Barański 2004 2005
Wiesław Dębski 2005 2006
Marek Barański 2006 2007
Wiesław Dębski 2007 2009


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