Trumhere (or Thumhere; died c. 662) was a medieval Bishop of Mercia.

Bishop of Mercia
Appointedc. 658
Term endedc. 662
Other post(s)Abbot of Gilling Abbey
Consecrationc. 658
Personal details
Diedc. 662

Trumhere probably was consecrated about 658 and died about 662.[1] He was born in England but was educated in Ireland.[2] He was the first abbot of Gilling Abbey, which had been founded on land donated by King Oswiu of Northumbria as penance for the death of King Oswine of Deira. Trumhere was related to both Oswine and Queen Eanfled, wife of Oswiu and who was the actual founder of the monastery. When Trumhere was elected as a bishop, he was consecrated by a Celtic bishop.[3]


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