Truffaldino from Bergamo

Truffaldino from Bergamo (Russian: Труффальдино из Бергамо, romanizedTruffaldino iz Bergamo) is a 1976 Soviet two-part television musical film directed by Vladimir Vorobyov, based on the play Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni.[1][2]

Truffaldino from Bergamo
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Directed byVladimir Vorobyov
Written byVladimir Vorobyov
Akiba Golburt
StarringKonstantin Raikin
Natalya Gundareva
Valentina Kosobutskaya
Music byAleksander Kolker
CinematographyDmitri Meskhiev
Release date
  • 1976 (1976)
Running time
129 minutes
CountrySoviet Union


The action takes place in 18th century Venice. Rascal Truffaldino, who fled to wealthy Venice from poor Bergamo, gets employed as a servant to one signor by the name of Federico Rasponi, who in fact is a disguised girl Beatrice, Federico's sister. She, under the guise of her late brother, tries to find her lover, Florindo Aretusi, who was mistakenly accused of killing Federico in a duel and therefore fled to Venice.

The disguised Beatrice comes to the house of the Venetian merchant Pantalone, where everyone is sure that Signor Posoni has died. This is what is explained to poor Truffaldino, who by tradition went up into the house first to announce the owner's visit. After this visit, while the new owner was engrossed with business, Truffaldino served another signor and also got employed by him as a servant. However, after this, the first owner who has settled in the same hotel, Brighella returns, and Truffaldino decides to serve both to receive double salaries. The second owner is the same Florindo.

For some time, more due to his luck than resourcefulness, Truffaldino successfully serves both masters, getting into comic situations and coming out of them with agility. Beatrice (under the name Federico) has to pretend that she insists on a wedding with Clarice, the daughter of the old Pantalone, betrothed to the late Federico. But the latter loves Silvio, the son of Dr. Lombardi, whose arrival deprives the self-styled bridegroom's hopes of Clarice's hand.

In the end, everything ends well: Beatrice reunites with Florindo, Clarice marries Silvio, and Truffaldino finds a wife - Smeraldin, a servant in the house of Pantalone.


  • Konstantin Raikin - Truffaldino, servant of two gentlemen and the groom of Smeraldina (vocal - Mikhail Boyarsky)
  • Natalya Gundareva - Smeraldina, a servant in the house Pantalone and the bride of Truffaldino (vocal - Elena Driatskaya)
  • Valentina Kosobutskaya - Beatrice, sister of Federico Rasponi and the bride Florindo
  • Victor Kostetskiy - Florindo Aretusi, fugitive from Turin and fiancé of Beatrice
  • Elena Driatskaya - Clarice, daughter of Pantalone and the bride of Silvio
  • Victor Krivonos - Silvio, the son of Dr. Lombardi and the fiance of Clarice
  • Leo Petropavlovski - Pantalone, a Venetian banker and father of Clarice
  • Igor Sorkin - Dr. Lombardi, the father of Silvio
  • Alexander Bereznyak - Brighella, hotel owner and friend of Beatrice
  • Yevgeny Tilicheev - captain of the Guards


Vladimir Vorobyov was the director of the Leningrad Musical Comedy Theatre, and most actors, with the exception of Konstantin Raikin and Natalya Gundareva were employed at his theatre.[3]

The film was shot in Lenfilm pavilions, with some scenes filmed on the Gulf of Finland.[4][5]


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