Trofeo Baracchi

The Trofeo Baracchi was a major Italian cycling race that ran for 50 years. It was created by Mino Baracchi, in memory of his father Angelo who was a great cycle racing fan. Originally (from 1941) an amateur individual time trial, from 1944 it was open to professionals and became a major event on the European calendar. Initially it took place every two years but from 1949 it became an annual event and adopted the two person team time trial format. It continued with this formula until 1990. The last running of the event in 1991 reverted to a solo time trial and also held as the Grand Prix des Nations.

Trofeo Baracchi
Race details
English nameBaracchi Trophy
CompetitionUCI Road World Cup (1991)
TypeTime trial
First edition1941 (1941)
Final edition1991
First winner Michele Motta (ITA)
Most wins Francesco Moser (ITA) (5 times)
Final winner Tony Rominger (SUI)


Year Country Rider Team
1944   Italy Michele Motta
1945   Italy Michele Motta
1946   Italy Antonio Ausenda
1947   Italy Sergio Maggini
1948   Italy Giorgio Cargioli
1949   Italy Fiorenzo Magni (victory shared with Adolfo Grosso)
1949   Italy Adolfo Grosso (victory shared with Fiorenzo Magni)
1950   Italy Fiorenzo Magni (victory shared with Antonio Bevilacqua)
1950   Italy Antonio Bevilacqua (victory shared with Fiorenzo Magni)
1951   Italy Fiorenzo Magni (victory shared with Giuseppe Minardi)
1951   Italy Giuseppe Minardi (victory shared with Fiorenzo Magni)
1952   Italy Giancarlo Astrua (victory shared with Nino Defilippis)
1952   Italy Nino Defilippis (victory shared with Giancarlo Astrua)
1953   Italy Fausto Coppi (victory shared with Riccardo Filippi)
1953   Italy Riccardo Filippi (victory shared with Fausto Coppi)
1954   Italy Fausto Coppi (victory shared with Riccardo Filippi)
1954   Italy Riccardo Filippi (victory shared with Fausto Coppi)
1955   Italy Fausto Coppi (victory shared with Riccardo Filippi)
1955   Italy Riccardo Filippi (victory shared with Fausto Coppi)
1956    Switzerland Rolf Graf (victory shared with André Darrigade)
1956   France André Darrigade (victory shared with Rolf Graf)
1957   Italy Fausto Coppi (victory shared with Ercole Baldini)
1957   Italy Ercole Baldini (victory shared with Fausto Coppi)
1958   Italy Ercole Baldini (victory shared with Aldo Moser)
1958   Italy Aldo Moser (victory shared with Ercole Baldini)
1959   Italy Ercole Baldini (victory shared with Aldo Moser)
1959   Italy Aldo Moser (victory shared with Ercole Baldini)
1960   Italy Diego Ronchini (victory shared with Romeo Venturelli)
1960   Italy Romeo Venturelli (victory shared with Diego Ronchini)
1961   Italy Ercole Baldini (victory shared with Joseph Velly)
1961   France Joseph Velly (victory shared with Ercole Baldini)
1962   Germany Rudi Altig (victory shared with Jacques Anquetil)
1962   France Jacques Anquetil (victory shared with Rudi Altig)
1963   France Joseph Velly (victory shared with Joseph Novales)
1963   France Joseph Novales (victory shared with Joseph Velly)
1964   Italy Gianni Motta (victory shared with Giacomo Fornoni)
1964   Italy Giacomo Fornoni (victory shared with Gianni Motta)
1965   France Jacques Anquetil (victory shared with Jean Stablinski)
1965   France Jean Stablinski (victory shared with Jacques Anquetil)
1966   Belgium Eddy Merckx (victory shared with Ferdinand Bracke)
1966   Belgium Ferdinand Bracke (victory shared with Eddy Merckx)
1967   Belgium Eddy Merckx (victory shared with Ferdinand Bracke)
1967   Belgium Ferdinand Bracke (victory shared with Eddy Merckx)
1968   France Jacques Anquetil (victory shared with Felice Gimondi)
1968   Italy Felice Gimondi (victory shared with Jacques Anquetil)
1969   Belgium Herman Van Springel (victory shared with Joaquim Agostinho)
1969   Portugal Joaquim Agostinho (victory shared with Herman Van Springel)
1970   Sweden Gösta Pettersson (victory shared with Tomas Pettersson)
1970   Sweden Tomas Pettersson (victory shared with Gösta Pettersson)
1971   Spain Luis Ocaña (victory shared with Leif Mortensen)
1971   Denmark Leif Mortensen (victory shared with Luis Ocaña)
1972   Belgium Eddy Merckx (victory shared with Roger Swerts)
1972   Belgium Roger Swerts (victory shared with Eddy Merckx)
1973   Italy Felice Gimondi (victory shared with Martín Emilio Rodríguez)
1973   Colombia Martín Emilio Rodríguez (victory shared with Felice Gimondi)
1974   Italy Francesco Moser (victory shared with Roy Schuiten)
1974   Netherlands Roy Schuiten (victory shared with Francesco Moser)
1975   Italy Francesco Moser (victory shared with Gianbattista Baronchelli)
1975   Italy Gianbattista Baronchelli (victory shared with Francesco Moser)
1976   Belgium Freddy Maertens (victory shared with Michel Pollentier)
1976   Belgium Michel Pollentier (victory shared with Freddy Maertens)
1977   Sweden Bernt Johansson (victory shared with Carmelo Barone)
1977   Italy Carmelo Barone (victory shared with Bernt Johansson)
1978   Netherlands Roy Schuiten (victory shared with Knut Knudsen)
1978   Norway Knut Knudsen (victory shared with Roy Schuiten)
1979   Italy Francesco Moser (victory shared with Giuseppe Saronni)
1979   Italy Giuseppe Saronni (victory shared with Francesco Moser)
1980   Belgium Alfons De Wolf (victory shared with Jean-Luc Vandenbroucke)
1980   Belgium Jean-Luc Vandenbroucke (victory shared with Alfons De Wolf)
1981    Switzerland Daniel Gisiger (victory shared with Serge Demierre)
1981    Switzerland Serge Demierre (victory shared with Daniel Gisiger)
1982    Switzerland Daniel Gisiger (victory shared with Roberto Visentini)
1982   Italy Roberto Visentini (victory shared with Daniel Gisiger)
1983    Switzerland Daniel Gisiger (victory shared with Silvano Contini)
1983   Italy Silvano Contini (victory shared with Daniel Gisiger)
1984   Italy Francesco Moser (victory shared with Bernard Hinault)
1984   France Bernard Hinault (victory shared with Francesco Moser)
1985   Italy Francesco Moser (victory shared with Hans-Henrik Ørsted)
1985   Denmark Hans-Henrik Ørsted (victory shared with Francesco Moser)
1986   Italy Giuseppe Saronni (victory shared with Lech Piasecki)
1986   Poland Lech Piasecki (victory shared with Giuseppe Saronni)
1987   Italy Bruno Leali (victory shared with Massimo Ghirotto)
1987   Italy Massimo Ghirotto (victory shared with Bruno Leali)
1988   Poland Czesław Lang (victory shared with Lech Piasecki)
1988   Poland Lech Piasecki (victory shared with Czesław Lang)
1989   France Laurent Fignon (victory shared with Thierry Marie)
1989   France Thierry Marie (victory shared with Laurent Fignon)
1990   Germany Rolf Gölz (victory shared with Tom Cordes)
1990   Netherlands Tom Cordes (victory shared with Rolf Gölz)
1991    Switzerland Tony Rominger

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