Tritonal is a mixture of 80% TNT and 20% aluminium powder, used in several types of ordnance such as air-dropped bombs. The aluminium improves the total heat output and hence impulse of the TNT — the length of time during which the blast wave is positive. Tritonal is approximately 18% more powerful than TNT alone.[1]

A 4,000 lb (1.8 t) blockbuster bomb being loaded onto a De Havilland Mosquito of the RAF, circa 1944. The explosive filling of Tritonal 80/20 is clearly stencilled on the side, inside the chalked "O" of Adolf
A 750 lb (340 kg) M117 bomb. The explosive filling of Tritonal is stencilled on the nose

The 87 kg of tritonal in a Mark 82 bomb has the potential to produce approximately 863 MJ of energy when detonated.[1] This implies an energy density of approximately 9MJ/kg, compared to ~4MJ/kg for TNT.


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