Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation

Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation, is a community-supported nonprofit organization set up in 2000 with the objective to project tribal issues before authorities and to promote ethno- Cultural aspects of tribes. The Foundation was established to work on Gujjars studies and nomadic research in Jammu and Kashmir (union territory).

Preservation of folklore of GujjarsEdit

The Tribals have a rich tradition of folk-songs and folk-tales. These treasure houses of folk wisdom are declining and are feared to vanish with the passage of time. Hence, there was an emergent need to collect, document and preserve the folk treasure of songs and tales. With a view to meet this objective, the Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation has undertaken documentation of tribal culture and artifacts.

Dictionaries in GojriEdit

With the advent of literature, words acquired new meanings as well as usage. To facilitate the common reader to have a peep into the world of unknown words, the publication of dictionaries became essential. Most of our tribal regional languages started producing literature on a regular basis, uninterruptedly, since forties only, therefore, dictionaries were not available in these languages. Foundation published 2 Dictionaries Folk-lore Dictionary of Ujjar Tribe, Hindi Gojri Dictionary in 2000-2004.

Encyclopedia of Himalayan GujjarsEdit

Keeping in view the importance of encyclopedia in the development of a language, Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation has taken in hand the publication of Encyclopaedia of Himalayan Gujjars in 2000 and first volume of this encyclopedia have been published in 2003 covering the following field of research:- a) Gujjar Archaeology & Architecture b) Gujjar Archeology, Architecture & Coins c) Gujjar Handicrafts d) Gojri Language & Literature

Seminars and conferencesEdit

Most of Tribal areas are nearly inaccessible. The tribal writers and artists residing in these far flung areas did not have the means and access to keep them abreast of changing trends on the literary scene. To bring writers of the State in close contact with one–another, Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation organized Mushairas, Seminars, Literary Conferences, Sham-i-Afsanas, Sham-i- Ghazals, and Literary Get-togethers at in villages.

Art conservationEdit

To conserve and preserve priceless tribal artifacts, manuscripts, miniature paintings and other artifacts Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation has to established Museum at Jammu in future.

Field ActivitiesEdit

The Foundation has closed its field and collaborative activities in 2014. However, research and study work is going on about the tribes without help from Government.

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