Tri Martolod

Tri Martolod ("Three sailors" in Breton) or Tri Martolod Yaouank ("Three young sailors"), is a traditional Breton song which dates to the 18th century in Lower Brittany. It was made famous by the interpretation, the arrangement and the recordings made by the Breton harpist Alan Stivell, in the 1970s.

The lyrics tell the story of three young sailors who embark for Newfoundland and the history quickly settles into a romantic dialogue. The music is a round in three steps typical of the South Cornouaille and common in the Breton coastal areas.


Nolwenn Leroy and Alan Stivell duo in 2012.
  • Zaïg Monjarret (An tri-ugent martolod)
  • Alan Stivell (live À l'Olympia in 1972, single, Again in 1993)
  • Tri Yann (Tri Yann an Naoned, 1972)
  • Deep Forest (Dao Dezi, 1994)
  • Yann-Fañch Kemener (with Didier Squiban, 1995)
  • Micamac (Breton folk band, album Froggy Dew, 1999)
  • Shannon (Polish band, 2000)
  • Gérard Jaffrès (Belgian singer, album Viens dans ma maison, 2003)
  • Claire Pelletier (Quebec singer, En concert au St-Denis, 2003)
  • Nolwenn Leroy (album Bretonne, 2010)
  • Les Marins d'Iroise (2011)
  • Santiano (German band, 2011)
  • Dunkelschön (German band, album Zauberwort, 2011)
  • Alexandrov Ensemble (2012)
  • Restless feet, Almost Irish (2013)
  • Faitissa (album Terra aviatica, 2014)
  • MystTerra (Russian metal band)(2015)
  • Annwn (album Enaid, 2016)
  • Metal Cambra, 10th Anniversari Album, 2019 (Band from The Catalan Countries)
  • Kick Your Heart (metal band from Hungary)(2019)
  • Dr Peacock - Tri Martelod (Frenchcore Hardstyle Genre - 2020)
  • The Longest Johns, Contre vents et marées (Between Wind and Water re-release with additional French shanties, 2021)
  • Joshua Burnell (album Songs From The Seasons II, 2022)

Other songsEdit

Other songs on the same musical air:

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  • Irish singer Méav Ní Mhaolchatha sings this song in English as titled "Once You Were My Lover". (album The Calling, 2013)
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