Treaty of Vienna (1657)

The Treaty of Vienna, concluded on 27 May 1657, was an AustroPolish alliance during the Second Northern War.[1] After Habsburg emperor Ferdinand III had agreed to

Treaty of Vienna
Typeoffensive alliance
Signed27 May 1657
SignatoriesLeopold I, Holy Roman Emperor
John II Casimir Vasa
PartiesHouse of Habsburg
Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I

enter the war on the anti-Swedish side and support the Polish king John II Casimir with 4,000 troops in the ineffective Treaty of Vienna (1656), his death in April 1657 made way for a more substantial treaty with his successor Leopold I.[1] By this treaty, Leopold I promised to aid John II Casimir with 12,000 troops against the Swedish-Brandenburgian alliance.[1] These troops were to be maintained at Polish expense, and crossed the Polish border in June.[1]



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