Treaty of Vienna (1657)

The Treaty of Vienna, concluded on 27 May 1657, was an AustroPolish alliance during the Second Northern War.[1]

Treaty of Vienna
TypeOffensive alliance
Signed27 May 1657 (1657-05-27)
LocationVienna, Archduchy of Austria
Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I

After Habsburg emperor Ferdinand III had agreed to enter the war on the anti-Swedish side and support the Polish king John II Casimir with 4,000 troops in the ineffective Treaty of Vienna (1656), his death in April 1657 made way for a more substantial treaty with his successor Leopold I.[1] By this treaty, Leopold I promised to aid John II Casimir with 12,000 troops against the Swedish-Brandenburgian alliance.[1] These troops were to be maintained at Polish expense, and crossed the Polish border in June.[1]

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