Trap for Seven Spies

Trap for Seven Spies (Italian: Trappola per sette spie, Spanish: Siete espías en la trampa) is a 1967 Italian-Spanish spy film written and directed by Mario Amendola and starring Yvonne Bastien, Eduardo Fajardo and Carlo Giuffré.[1][2] It has been described as a Eurospy variation of The Most Dangerous Game.[2]

Trap for Seven Spies
Trap for Seven Spies.jpg
Directed byMario Amendola
Written byMario Amendola
Antonio Roman
StarringYvonne Bastien
Eduardo Fajardo
Music byLallo Gori
CinematographyJosé F. Aguayo
Edited byLuciano Cavalieri
Release date
  • 1967 (1967)


After the end of World War Two ancien SS colonel Von Rittenau hidden in a French castle with a group of NewNazi catch and rape seven ancien spies that have worked for allies during war. Von Rittenau have founded their names in old Gestapo archive and now want a revenge for losing war.



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