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Trams in Częstochowa is the second-youngest extant tram system in Poland, having begun operation in 1959. The lines have a total length of 14.7 kilometres (9.1 mi) and has 32 stops, a shed and 5 loops. The operator is Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne w Częstochowie Sp. z o.o.

Trams in Częstochowa
Twist on Niepodległości Avenue2.jpg
Tram PESA Twist in Częstochowa
Native nameTramwaje w Częstochowie
LocaleCzęstochowa, Poland
Transit typeTram
Number of lines3
Number of stations32
WebsiteOfficial website
Began operation1959
Operator(s)MPK Częstochowa
Number of vehicles25
System length14.7 km (9.1 mi)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Map of tram routes in Częstochowa

Sieć tramwajowa w Częstochowie.svg

Rolling stockEdit

Currently the fleet consists of 48 pieces of wagons Konstal 105Na, produced in the years 1975–1990, some of which have been modernized and 7 PESA Twists built in 2012.

Initially the fleet in Częstochowa consisted of 39 railcars Konstal 4N and 4ND trailers. In 1971 the state was 45 cars, including articulated Konstal 102Na, and in 1975 the first 8 units wagons Konstal 105Na were purchased. Then, the number of wagons was gradually expanded and the 105N replaced older types. In 1986, the 4N and 4ND were withdrawn and in 1999 the 102Na. In addition to "onehundredfives" there is also a Konstal 102Na type of wagon which serves as emergency technical function tram (in the future it will be rebuilt as the historical tram) and a wagon-type Konstal 4N, which had an accident in 1997, when it served as a technical emergency tram. In 2006, the wagon was put into repair. Renovated, the wagon had its first ride 31 August 2006. Currently it serves as a historic vehicle. On September 3, 2012 new line to Błeszno district was open.