Trail of Governors (South Dakota)

The Trail of Governors statue of Arthur C. Mellette, by sculptor John Lopez, was the first unveiled, in 2012. Mellette was the first Governor of South Dakota.

The Trail of Governors is series of life-size bronze statues of former governors of South Dakota in Pierre, the state capital. The project's goal is to place statues of every former governor; as of 2019, twenty-two statues have been placed.[1] Sculptors who have created statues for the project include John Lopez, James Van Nuys, James Michael Maher, Lee Leuning and Sherry Treeby.[2]

Statues have been added to the trail each year since 2012:

Following the 2019 unveiling, six former governors remain to be added to the trail: Charles H. Sheldon, Andrew E. Lee, Coe I. Crawford, Frank M. Byrne, Carl Gunderson and William J. Bulow. A statue of Governor Kristi Noem, the state's current governor, will be added once she leaves office.


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