Toymaster is an association of independently owned toy stores[1] formed in 1977 as a buying group.[2] As of 2012, it comprises over 250 independently owned toy retailers in Ireland and the United Kingdom.[2]

TypeBuying group/association of independently owned toy store retailers
East Midlands,
England, UK

Toymaster is famous for its mascot of an orange puppy wearing a yellow T-shirt and trousers. In 2012, the puppy was named Toby,[3] and was given his own Apple iPhone app.[4]


Toymaster in Otley, West Yorkshire.

Toymaster has a simple mission statement, which is 'To help our Members trade more profitably'.[5]

The member stores comprise a variety of different outlets, including toy stores, garden centres, department stores, post offices and others[citation needed], all of which Toymaster claim offer customers the stated brand values of 'Range, Service and Value, 12 months of the year'.[6]

All Toymaster member stores remain independently owned, and many of them retain their own branding which enables them to be able to promote themselves as a local, independent retailer.[citation needed]

The Toymaster office provides central support to its member retailers and has 2 primary functions to its member stores - finance and marketing, including a year-round window display program to help independent retailers promote key toy brands within their stores. The central office also provides information and support to its member stores to help them trade more profitably.[citation needed]


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