Toxteth Dock

Toxteth Dock was a dock on the River Mersey that was part of the Port of Liverpool. Part of the southern dock system, it was connected to Brunswick Dock to the north and Harrington Dock to the south.

Toxteth Dock
Former transit shed, Toxteth Dock, Liverpool (geograph 5063718).jpg
Former transit shed, Toxteth Dock
LocationToxteth, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Coordinates53°23′02″N 2°58′47″W / 53.3839°N 2.9797°W / 53.3839; -2.9797Coordinates: 53°23′02″N 2°58′47″W / 53.3839°N 2.9797°W / 53.3839; -2.9797
OS gridSJ348879
TypeWet dock
Area1 acre (0.40 ha), 469 sq yd (392 m2) (in 1858)[1]
Width at entrance40 ft (12 m) (in 1858)[2]
Quay length393 yd (359 m) (in 1858)[2]
British Empire Dockyards and Ports, 1909: docks to the north
Docks to the south


The dock was originally opened in 1841,[3] enlarged between 1882-8 by George Fosbery Lyster and reopening in 1888.[4][5]Toxteth Dock railway station was opened in 1893 as part of the Liverpool Overhead Railway. It closed in 1956 and was demolished in 1957.[6]For many years, the dock was home to the Harrison Line.[3] The dock closed in 1972 and has since been filled in.[4][7]

Present useEdit

Most of the dock buildings still exist and are split up into small business units as part of Brunswick Business Park.[5] The Hydraulic Station is Grade II listed.[8]


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