Tour do Rio

Tour do Rio is a road cycling stage race held in Brazil between 2000 and 2015. The race was a 2.2 event in the UCI America Tour.

Tour do Rio
Race details
DateLate August
CompetitionUCI America Tour
TypeStage race
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First edition2000 (2000)
Final edition2015
First winner André Grizante (BRA)
Most wins
Final winner Gustavo César (ESP)

Name of the raceEdit

  • 2000 : Volta do Rio de Janeiro
  • 2002 : Giro do Rio
  • 2003, 2004, 2007 : Volta do Rio de Janeiro
  • 2009 : Volta de Campos
  • 2010–2015 : Tour do Rio

Past winnersEdit

Year Country Rider Team
2000   Brazil André Grizante
2001 No race
2002   Brazil Márcio May[1]
2003   Colombia Heberth Gutiérrez Orbitel 05-Colombia
2004   Brazil Márcio May Memorial-Santos
No race
2007   Argentina Matías Médici Scott–Marcondes Cesar–São José dos Campos
2008 No race
2009   Brazil Breno Sidoti Scott–Marcondes Cesar–São José dos Campos
2010   Italy Tomas Alberio U.C. Trevigiani–Dynamon–Bottoli
2011   Colombia Juan Pablo Suárez EPM–UNE
2012   Brazil Kleber Silva Real Cycling Team
2013   Spain Óscar Sevilla EPM–UNE
2014   Spain Óscar Sevilla EPM–UNE–Área Metropolitana
2015   Spain Gustavo César W52–Quinta da Lixa


  1. ^ Winner Daniel Rogelin was later disqualified for doping