Tour de Santa Catarina

The Tour de Santa Catarina (also Volta Ciclística Internacional de Santa Catarina – Portuguese for International Cycling Tour of Santa Catarina) is a multi-stage road bicycle racing event held in the state of Santa Catarina, in the south of Brazil. The first edition was held in 1987. The competition is famous for the traditional mountain stage at Serra do Rio do Rastro, which is one of Brazil's toughest climbs with an average gradient of 10% over an extent of 7 km. The competition is part of the UCI America Tour.

Tour de Santa Catarina
Race details
RegionSanta Catarina, Brazil. (South America)
English nameTour of Santa Catarina
CompetitionUCI America Tour 2.2
TypeStage race
First edition1987 (1987)
Editions24 (as of 2013)
First winner Cássio Paiva (BRA)
Most wins Márcio May (BRA) (4 wins)
Most recent Otávio Bulgarelli (BRA)

The 21st edition of the race occurred from 15 to 25 November 2007, and featured 11 stages.

The 2008 edition has been postponed due to a flood in the region the race take place. A shortened event occurred from 22 to 26 April 2009, replacing the missed edition in the 2008-2009 UCI America Tour. This edition featured only 5 stages over 486 km.[1] A regular edition is expected to take place still in 2009, after September, as part of the 2009–2010 UCI America Tour.

Past winnersEdit

Year Winner Total Distance
1987   Cássio Paiva 653 km
1988   Wanderley Magalhães 544 km
1989   César Daneliczen 713 km
1990   César Daneliczen 794 km
1991   Wanderley Magalhães 747 km
1992   Hernandes Cuadri 1,085 km
1993   Gabriel Sabbião 1,234 km
1994   José Aparecido dos Santos 1,250 km
1995   Hernandes Cuadri 1,000 km
1996   Daniel Rogelim 1,130 km
1997   Márcio May 891 km
1998   Márcio May 892 km
1999   Daniel Rogelim 826 km
2000   Cássio Paiva 961.6 km
2001   Cássio Paiva 944.4 km
2002   Márcio May 821.2 km
2003   Antônio Nascimento 751.8 km
2004   Matías Médici 1,051 km
2005   Márcio May 673 km
2006   Pedro Nicacio 1,043 km
2007   Alex Correia Diniz 1,143 km
2009   Douglas Moi Bueno 486 km
2010   Stiber Ortiz 619 km
No race
2013   Otávio Bulgarelli 553 km
No race



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