The Tour Silex 2 (Silex 2 Tower in English, usually presented in the form Silex²) is an office skyscraper which rises 23 levels in the district of La Part-Dieu in the 3rd arrondissement of Lyon, France. The tower rises 129 meters high. It is currently under construction and will be delivered in 2021.[1][2]

Tour Silex 2
The Tour Silex² at La Part-Dieu.
General information
LocationLa Part-Dieu, Lyon, France
Construction started2018
Antenna spire129 m (423 ft)
Roof111 m (364 ft)
Technical details
Floor count23
Floor area30.700 m2 (330.45 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architect(s)Arte Charpentier et associés

The new building will offer 30,700 square meters of office space over 23 floors. The tower is therefore a continuation of the Silex 1 project, a small office building completed and delivered on May 11, 2017.[3]

In 2021, the Belgian group Solvay, one of the leaders in world chemicals, will move into the tower and should occupy 9,000 m2 of offices, on eight levels.[4]

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