Touch of Death (1961 film)

Touch of Death is a 1961 black and white British crime genre film directed by Lance Comfort and starring William Lucas.[1]

Touch of Death
"Touch of Death" (1961).jpg
British quad poster
Directed byLance Comfort
Produced byLewis Linzee
Written byLyn Fairhurst, Aubrey Cash and Wilfred Josephs (story)
StarringWilliam Lucas
Music byJohnny Douglas
CinematographyBasil Emmott
Edited byJohn Trumper
Helion Pictures
Distributed byPlanet Film Distributors
Release date
1961, United Kingdom
Running time
58 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


A criminal gang pull off a big robbery, unaware the cash has been infected with toxic poison. The thieves hide out on a Thames houseboat and terrorise its female occupant (Jan Waters), before they start dying.


Critical receptionEdit

AllMovie wrote, "Director Lance Comfort wasn't what you could call inspired, but he sure knew how to sustain audience interest."[2]


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