Tottori Folk Crafts Museum

The Tottori Folk Crafts Museum (鳥取民芸美術館, Tottori Mingei Bijutsukan) opened in Tottori, Japan, in 1949. It was established as the Tottori Mingeikan by Yoshida Shōya (吉田璋也), local advocate of the mingei folk craft movement, who formed a craft guild in 1931 and opened the craft shop "Takumi" in the city the following year.[1][2] The building in which the museum is housed was registered as a Tangible Cultural Property in 2012.[3]

Tottori Folk Crafts Museum
Tottori folkcraft museum of art02 1920.jpg
General information
Address651, Sakae-machi
Town or cityTottori, Tottori Prefecture
Coordinates35°29′46″N 134°13′38″E / 35.49611°N 134.22722°E / 35.49611; 134.22722Coordinates: 35°29′46″N 134°13′38″E / 35.49611°N 134.22722°E / 35.49611; 134.22722

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