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Totally Scott-Lee was a reality TV show from MTV (UK and Ireland) in 2005 featuring the following:

The showEdit

Totally Scott-Lee followed Lisa on her last-ditch effort at a solo career. The challenge posed to Lisa was that she had to score a top ten hit with her next single, or she would be forced to quit the music industry.[1]

Lisa and the other main cast members had no creative control of the show and Lisa Scott-Lee was unhappy with some of the promotional material, notably the subtitle "desperately seeking fame".[2]

In a rush, Lisa was signed to a small record label, Concept Records, and began recording songs for her next single. Concept chose Electric (Lisa Scott-Lee song), written by Guy Chambers, and started making plans for its release. The single had to be released on 10 October in order to meet with deadlines for the MTV show.

The female head of Concept Records has gone on record (on the show and in private) several times saying that she was against the record being released on this date. One of the main reasons for this was that it would have very little promotion time (5 weeks as opposed to the usual 8–10 weeks).[3]

The song was released and, despite a television show backing her, it failed to reach the top ten. "Electric" charted at number 13 in the UK Top 40.[4]


Other "highlights" of the show include Lisa's brother Andy proposing to his then-girlfriend Michelle Heaton in a restaurant, the constant arguments between Lisa and her family, and an interesting insight into record company politics ("Electric" had initially only made number 26 during the mid-week predictions, but an error with the sales at Woolworths later pushed it to 15, and finally to 13 on the following Sunday).


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