Total Gym

Total Gym is the brand name for a line of fitness training equipment, created by Total Gym Global Corp and marketed and sold by Total Gym Commercial LLC and Total Gym Fitness, LLC. Total Gym equipment, used by physical therapy clinics, hospitals, collegiate and professional sports teams, health clubs, fitness studios and home exercisers, is sold direct, as well as through the internet, TV, retail and international distribution channels. Tom Campanaro developed the first Total Gym unit in 1974 with his then partner Doug Marino, in San Diego, California.

Total Gym
TypeFitness Training Equipment
InventorTom Campanaro


Total Gym CEO Tom Campanaro designed the first Total Gym incline trainer in 1974. Campanaro and partner Doug Marino named the brand “Total Gym” while sitting on the beach in San Diego, CA. They brought on business partners Dale McMurray and Larry Westfall in 1976 and the first Total Gym homegrown TV commercial hit the market.

In 1988, Total Gym moved into physical therapy.


In 1996, Campanaro sealed a deal with American Telecast Products to produce the first Total Gym infomercial, featuring spokespersons Chuck Norris[1] and Christie Brinkley.[2] Total Gym became one of the longest running fitness infomercial in history. Doing business as Total Gym Fitness, LLC, the infomercial has been broadcast to more than 85 countries with over 5 million units sold.[3]


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