Tose Naina Milaai Ke

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Tose Naina Milaai Ke (transl. As my eye caught yours) is an Indian Hindi-language television drama series that premiered on 11 September 2023 on Dangal TV.[1] Digitally available on Dangal Play and produced by Cockrow Pictures and Shaika Films.[2]

Tose Naina Milaai Ke
Screenplay byDialogues
Arundhati Sharma
Priyom Jha
Story byVera Raina
Sonakshi Khandelwal
Directed byAbhay Chawda
Theme music composerNishant Pandey
Aasif Panjwani
Opening themeTose Naina Milaai Ke
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes202
ProducersRajesh Ram Singh
Pradeep Kumar
Piya Bajpeyi
Shaika Parvin
CinematographyRishi Raj Sharma
EditorsAshish Singh
Sathish Takur
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time22-24 minutes
Production companiesShaika Films
Cockrow Pictures
Original release
Release11 September 2023 (2023-09-11) –

Plot edit

Kuhu is a simple girl from a village Munyatolla is married of with Rajeev Chandel son of Judge Dev Chandel whilst her sister Hansini is married of to Rajeev's brother Sanjiv Chandel because the family has a curse by a woman whoever marries in the family will die. Kuhu is dark skinned whilst Hansini is beautiful. The woman that gave the curse her granddaughter is saved by Kuhu on the wedding day that which ever family she is married to nothing can harm them not knowing its Dev Chandel's family so when Kuhu is in the house nothing happens to the girls.

Sanjiv wants Rajeev and Kuhu to have the first child of family so he tries to stay away from Hansini whilst Hansini plots with his father in order to get pregnant first but nothing happens. Whilst on the other hand Rajeev who is blind at first doesn't accept Kuhu but soon gradually falls in love with her due to her loving nature. They both fight a lot of hurdles together along with trying to get his father to accept Kuhu as his bahu who does not want to because of dark skin. After many hurdles and just when everything seems fine Rajeev gets a sharp pain in the head and is hospitalized then it is known that Rajeev can get his eyes back but needs a donor. The only donor that is available are the eyes of a woman whose case Rajeev's father as a judge gave a wrong verdict to which is why her mother had cursed the family that whichever girl married into the family will die. Kuhu persuades the woman's mother but fails so she decides she will kill herself to give her eyes to Rajeev's just as she is about to do that the woman's daughter comes there and agrees to give her eyes if Dev Chandel gives a correct verdict on her case this time. So Rajeev gets his eyes back but when he see Hansini he think that she is Kuhu and is smitten by her beauty. Just then Kuhu comes in and he gets to know that she is Kuhu and is shocked and says he never thought she woud be dark skinned and can't accept her. Hansini gets happy and falls in love with Rajeev and starts her drama to get divorce from Sanjeev and marry Rajeev. She plots a lot and locks the family in jail for domestic violence in return asks Sanjeev for divorce and for Rajeev to marry her. Sanjeev divorces her however Rajeev puts a fake drama to marry her. When family is released he tells her that he never married her.

Cast edit

Main edit

  • Supriya Kumari[3] as Kuhu Chandel : Rajeev's wife, Hansini's younger sister
  • Prateik Chaudhary[4][5] as Sanjeev Chandel : Hansini's Husband, Rajeev's Younger Brother
  • Vishal Gandhi[6] as Rajeev Chandel : Kuhu's Husband, Rajeev's Brother
  • Simaran Kaur[7] as Hansini Chandel : Sanjeev's Wife, Kuhu's sister

Recurring edit

  • Kishan Bhan as Chandhan : Kuhu and Hansini's Father
  • Sanjay Batra as Devnarayan Chandel: Sanjeev and Rajeev's Father, Prabha's Brother
  • Shalini Arora as Prabha : Bhanu Pratap and Devnarayan's Brother
  • Saniya Khera as Janvi, Ravi's Girlfriend, Bhanu Pratap's Daughter, Rajeev and Sanjeev's sister
  • Saim Khan as Ravi, Janvi's Boyfriend, Jayant Verma's Son
  • Shivendra Om Sainiyol as Bhanu Pratap, Dev Narayan and Prabha's Brother, Janvi's Father
  • Lakshya Handa as Viraj Tyagi
  • Siraj Mustafa Khan as Rajan Verma : Jayant Verma's Elder Brother
  • Anuradha Singh as Kushboo, Dev Narayan's Second Wife
  • Gagan Yadav as Bunty
  • Micky Dudani as Avdesh : Dev Narayan and Kushboo's Son
  • Yajuvendra Singh as Jayant Verma : Rajan Verma's Brother; Ravi's Father
  • Dipali Saini as Cop
  • Chitrapama Banerjee
  • Karan Ganatra
  • Vinod Goswami
  • Kirron Arya

Production edit

Casting edit

The series was announced on Dangal TV by Shaika Entertainment. Supriya Kumari, Vishal Gandhi and Prateik Chaudhary were signed as the leads.[8] The first promo was released in August 2023.

Time slot edit

Initially, the show was launched in the 9:30 PM time slot. However, after one week, it was moved to the Prime time slot of 9:00 PM. At the same time, Sindoor Ki Keemat 2 was shifted to the 9:30 PM time slot.[9]

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