Rapanea salicina

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Rapanea salicina (the accepted/preferred name in New Zealand is Myrsine salicina),[2] commonly known as toro,[3] is a species of shrub or small tree native to New Zealand.

Rapanea salicina
Myrsine salicina 11.JPG
Scientific classification
R. salicina
Binomial name
Rapanea salicina
  • Myrsine salicina Heward
  • Suttonia salicina (Heward) Hook. f.


Toro grows to 10 metres in height, with a trunk to 60 cm in diameter.[4] It has long oblong shaped leaves that are thick, glossy and leathery. Clusters of small (3 – 5 mm across) cream to pale pink coloured flowers are produced along the branches in spring, followed by single seeded, reddy-orange fruits.[5]


This species is found on both the North and South Islands from the North Cape to southern Westland.[4] Its preferred habitat is lowland to montane forest.[4]


Toro is threatened in areas where the introduced possum occurs, as it is one of their preferred foods.[6]


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