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Coordinates: 13°45′S 167°30′E / 13.750°S 167.500°E / -13.750; 167.500

Torba in Vanuatu

Torba (or TorBa) is the northernmost province of Vanuatu, consisting of the Banks Islands and the Torres Islands.

The province's name is derived from the initial letters of TORres and BAnks.



Detailed map of Torba province (Torres-Banks)

The province has a population of 9,359 people[1] and an area of 882 square kilometres (341 square miles). Its capital is Sola on Vanua Lava.


These are the main islands of Torba Province, excluding smaller and uninhabited islets.

Banks Islands
Name Population Area in km2
Gaua 2,491 342
Kwakéa 26
Merelava 647
Merig 12
Mota 683 9,5
Motalava 1,451 24
Ra 189 0,5
Ureparapara 437 39
Vanua Lava 2,597 314
Torres Islands
Name Population Area in km2
Hiw 269 51
Linua 0
Lo 210
Metoma 13
Tegua 58
Toga 276

Culture and languagesEdit

Seventeen languages, all Oceanic, are spoken in the Torba province.[2]


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