Torasi Estuary

Torasi Estuary is the estuary of Bensbach River, located at the southern end of the Indonesia–Papua New Guinea border. It empties into the Arafura Sea. The mouth of the estuary is administrated by Indonesia with Papua New Guinean ships given right of passage to pass the mouth.[1][2] There is an Indonesian Navy outpost at the west bank which also operates as a border control to regulate immigration between citizens of the two countries.[3]

Torasi Estuary
Bensbach Estuary
Torasi Estuary is located in Papua (province)
Torasi Estuary
Torasi Estuary
LocationMerauke Regency, Papua, Indonesia
South Fly, Western Province, Papua New Guinea
Coordinates9°07′43″S 141°01′10″E / 9.128611°S 141.019444°E / -9.128611; 141.019444Coordinates: 9°07′43″S 141°01′10″E / 9.128611°S 141.019444°E / -9.128611; 141.019444
Native nameMuara Torasi (Indonesian)
Part ofBensbach River
Primary outflowsArafura Sea
Basin countriesIndonesia
Papua New Guinea
SettlementsKondo Hamlet, Indonesia


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