Topology (disambiguation)

Topology is a branch of mathematics concerned with geometric properties preserved under continuous deformation (stretching without tearing or gluing).

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Geospatial dataEdit

  • Geospatial topology, the study or science of places with applications in earth science, geography, human geography, and geomorphology
    • In geographic information systems and their data structures, topology and planar enforcement are the storing of a border line between two neighboring areas (and the border point between two connecting lines) only once. Thus, any rounding errors might move the border, but will not lead to gaps or overlaps between the areas.
    • Also in cartography, a topological map is a greatly simplified map that preserves the mathematical topology while sacrificing scale and shape
    • Topology is often confused with the geographic meaning of topography (originally the study of places). The confusion may be a factor in topographies having become confused with terrain or relief, such that they are essentially synonymous.




  • Topology (journal), a mathematical journal, with an emphasis on subject areas related to topology and geometry
  • Spatial effects that cannot be described by topography, i.e., social, economical, spatial, or phenomenological interactions