Tony Barrand

Dr. Anthony Grant Barrand (born April 3, 1945 in England) is an academic and musician residing in Brattleboro, Vermont. He is a Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences, Boston University, where his courses included "Stalking the Wild Mind: The Psychology and Folklore of Extra-Sensory Perception and Psychic Phenomena", "English Ritual Dance and Drama", and "Folk Songs as Social History".

Tony Barrand
Birth nameAnthony Grant Barrand
OriginCornell University
GenresTraditional folk music
Years active1969—
LabelsGolden Hind Music
Associated actsRoberts and Barrand
Nowell Sing We Clear

He is best known for his musical collaborations with John Roberts. As Roberts and Barrand, they perform a cappella and accompanied performances of traditional English folk music. They also perform and record fare such as sea shanties of the North Atlantic, and an album of traditional drinking songs. The duo is also half of the related act Nowell Sing We Clear—which in addition to a number of albums—performs an annual yuletide concert series.

Born in England, Barrand moved to the United States after completing a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Keele. He earned his Ph.D. from Cornell University, where he also formed his ongoing music partnership with John Roberts.

Barrand is also an expert morris and clog dancer, having taught across the United States, and written several books on the subject. He has edited the journal Country Dance and Song and founded the Marlboro Morris Ale, an annual national gathering of Morris dancers in Vermont.

Barrand's collection of film and video of morris, sword, and clog dancing was deposited in 2003, by invitation, to the American Folklife Center, as the Anthony Grant Barrand Collection of Morris, Sword, and Clog Dancing at the Library of Congress (catalog number AFC2003/5). As of 2005 the collection had been digitized and is available online at Boston University.

Since the late 1990s, multiple sclerosis has limited Barrand's mobility, but not his academic work or musical performances.[1]



  • Northern Harmony (1990) Front Hall Records. Voorheesville, New York.
  • with Keith Murphy
    • On the Banks of Coldbrook: Atwood Family Songs from the Hills of Vermont (2010)
  • Roberts and Barrand recordings
    • Spencer the Rover is Alive and Well… (SwallowTail Records 1971, re-released Golden Hind Music 2001)
    • Across the Western Ocean (SwallowTail Records 1973, re-released Golden Hind Music 2000)
    • An Evening at the English Music Hall (Front Hall Records, 1974)
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    • Heartoutbursts: English Folksongs Collected by Percy Grainger (Golden Hind Music, 1998)
    • Twiddlum Twaddlum (Golden Hind Music, 2003)
  • Nowell Sing We Clear recordings
    • Roberts, Barrand, Breunig, Woodruff:
      • Nowell Sing We Clear (Front Hall Records, 1977)
      • To Welcome in the Spring (Front Hall Records, 1980, re-released Golden Hind Music 2008)
      • The Second Nowell (Front Hall Records, 1981)
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      • The Best of Nowell Sing We Clear 1975–1986 (Front Hall Records, 1989, re-released Golden Hind Music 2007)
    • Roberts, Barrand, Breunig, Davis:
      • Nowell Sing We Four (Front Hall Records, 1988, re-released Golden Hind Music 2002)
      • Hail Smiling Morn! (1995)
      • Just Say Nowell (2000)
      • Nowell Nowell Nowell! (2008)


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