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Ton Son Mosque

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Ton Son Mosque (Thai: มัสยิดต้นสน) is a historic mosque in Sunni sect in Islam. Located on left bank of Khlong Bangkok Yai, Wat Arun Subdistrict, Bangkok Yai District, Bangkok's Thonburi side, opposite Bang Luang Mosque and Wat Moli Lokayaram.

Ton Son Mosque
Ton Son Mosque (I).jpg
Ton Son Mosque
DistrictBangkok Yai District
Ton Son Mosque is located in Bangkok
Ton Son Mosque
Location within Bangkok
Geographic coordinates13°44′24″N 100°29′19″E / 13.74003°N 100.48869°E / 13.74003; 100.48869Coordinates: 13°44′24″N 100°29′19″E / 13.74003°N 100.48869°E / 13.74003; 100.48869

Ton Son Mosque estimated to have been constructed before the reign of King Songtham (1610–28) of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. It is considered the oldest mosque in Bangkok and Thailand. It was renovated in 1954 in an attempt to restore the architectural style of the old mosque. Ton Son Mosque not only functions as a religious ground, but it also features ancient remains and relics that are worth seeing. At the outside of the building lies a graveyard of the chiefs of the Muslims in Thailand. The first name of the mosque was "Kudi Yai" (กุฎีใหญ่), an abbreviation of "Kudi Bangkok Yai" (กุฎีบางกอกใหญ่). Inside the mosque is the beautiful pulpit, called Mimbun, which has large pictures of Arabic calligraphy, a picture of the Kaaba and the plan of the mosque in Mecca, all using forms found in the period of King Taksin of Thonburi Kingdom.

Its name meaning Pine Mosque, because there are two pine trees in front of it.[1] [2] [3]

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