Tolisa (river)

Tolisa is a river in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a right tributary Sava. It is 56.2 kilometers long.[3] It springs on the slopes of Trebava at an altitude of 440 meters, and flows into the Sava between Tolisa, Orašje and Domaljevac. The altitude of the estuary is 81 meters.[4]

Tolisa (river) is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tolisa (river)
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
Physical characteristics
 • locationon the slopes of Trebava
 • location
Sava, between Tolisa, Orašje and Domaljevac
 • coordinates
45°03′25″N 18°38′43″E / 45.05694°N 18.64528°E / 45.05694; 18.64528Coordinates: 45°03′25″N 18°38′43″E / 45.05694°N 18.64528°E / 45.05694; 18.64528 [1]
Length56.2 km (34.9 mi) [2]
Basin features
ProgressionSavaDanubeBlack Sea


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