Todor Ivanchov

Todor Ivanchov (Bulgarian: Тодор Иванчов) (1858 – 1906) was a supporter of Vasil Radoslavov who served as Prime Minister of Bulgaria from 13 October 1899 to 25 January 1901.

Todor Ivanchov
Тодор Иванчов
11th Prime Minister of Bulgaria
In office
13 October 1899 – 25 January 1901
Preceded byDimitar Grekov
Succeeded byRacho Petrov
Personal details
Veliko Tarnovo, Ottoman Empire
Died1 January 1906
Paris, France

Born in Veliko Tarnovo, he was educated at Robert College and in Montpellier, specializing in economics. He served as the editor of a number of Bulgarian newspapers and joined the Cabinet in 1885 under Petko Karavelov, serving as Minister of National Enlightenment. He was Minister of Education when he was chosen to be Prime Minister in 1899.[1] During his own Premiership Ivanchov also held the role of Minister of Finance.[2] He enacted a series of reforms to improve the civil service. He was, however, considered a weak leader.[3]

In 1903 he was put on trial by the State Court for constitutional violations whilst a member of Radoslavov's cabinet. Sentenced to eight months' imprisonment, he was later pardoned.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Dimitar Grekov
Prime Minister of Bulgaria
Succeeded by
Racho Petrov