Tivadar Millner

Tivadar Millner (7 March 1899 – 28 October 1988) [1] was a Hungarian chemical engineer, educator, and inventor who developed tungsten lamps. [2] Working at Tungsram, Tivadar Millner, along with Pál Túry, co-developed large-crystal tungsten technology for the production of more reliable and longer-lasting coiled filament lamps.[2]

In 1923 at Tungsram Ltd., a research laboratory was established for improving light sources, mainly electric bulbs.[1] The head of that laboratory was Ignácz Pfeiffer (1867-1941), whose research staff included Tivadar Millner, along with Zoltán Bay (1900-1992), Imre Bródy (1891-1944), György Szigeti (1905-1978), and Ernő Winter (1897-1971).[1]


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