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Andy Kwong also known as Ting Wo Kwong is a Hong Kong cinematographer.[1] He was nominated for the 2002 Hong Kong Film Award for Best Cinematography for his work in Shaolin Soccer (2001).[2] He has been active in the cinema industry since 1979, and directed several commercials beginning in 2004. He is also a board member of the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers and a judge for the Hong Kong Film Awards.[citation needed]

Andy Kwong
Traditional Chinese鄺庭和
Simplified Chinese邝庭和


As lighting directorEdit

Name Starring Year
Little Cop (小小小警察) Eric Tsang, Andy Lau, Alfred Cheung 1989
Tristar (大三元) Leslie Cheung, Anita Yuen, Lau Ching-Wan 1996
The Dragon from Russia (紅牆飛龍) Samuel Hui, Maggie Cheung, Nina Li Chi, 1990
Dance with Dragons (與龍共舞) Andy Lau, Cheung Man 1991
Au Revoir, Mon Amour (何日君再來) Anita Mui, Tony Leung Ka-Fai 1991
Royal Tramp (鹿鼎記) Stephen Chow, Cheung Man, Ng Man Tat 1992
Handsome Siblings (絕代雙驕) Brigitte Lin, Andy Lau 1992
Days of Tomorrow (天長地久) Andy Lau 1993
Love and the City (都市情緣) Leon Lai, Jacqueline Wu, Ng Man Tat 1994
The Returning (等著你回來) Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Jacqueline Wu 1994
The Age of Miracles (麻麻煩煩) Alan Tam, Anita Yuen 1995
Big Bullet (衝鋒隊之怨火街頭) Lau Ching-Wan, Francis Ng, Jordan Chan 1996
God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage (賭神三之少年賭神) Leon Lai, Anita Yuen, Jordan Chan 1997

As director of cinematographyEdit

Name Year Starring
Dragon Hall (龍堂) 1998 Jordan Chan, Chang Fengyi, Carrie Ng
Legend... (美麗的傳說) 2000 Simon Yam, Loletta Lee, Kristal Tin, Monica Chan, Kenneth Tsang
The World Is Not Enough (縱橫天下) 2001 Micheal Tao, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Damian Lau, Kenneth Tsang, Kathy Chow Hoi-Mei
親情回歸 (Television movie) 2002 Loletta Lee, 蓋克, 黃一飛
回家看看 (Mainland television movie) 2005
新不了情 2006 薛海琪, 陳坤, 方中信, 陳小藝, 余安安, 許少雄, 爾冬昇
Music videos and commercials
Name Year Starring
McDonald's commercial 2002 Stephen Chow
World Children Fund commercial 2002 Stephen Chow, Fan Zhiyi (范志毅)
諾曼奇服裝.廣告 2002 Zhao Wei
Miriam Yeung music video 2002 Miriam Yeung
Hong Kong Film Awards short film 2002 Andrew Lau, 麥邵輝
高科電器 2004 Fan Bingbing
Name Year Starring
老泥妹 1993
尖東雙虎 1994 張耀楊
深圳之虎 1994 林文龍
我是一個賊 1995 任達華, 邱淑貞
Knock Off 1997 Directed by Tsui Hark
還我情深 1998 蔡少芬, 吳奇隆
緣份2000 1999 趙薇, 吳奇隆
15歲半 1999 尹楊明, 黎耀祥, 麥家琪
山狗1999 1999 黃秋生
古女:2 1999 楊恭如, 何超儀, 唐文龍
暗鬥 2000 何潤東, 張文慈, 倉田保昭
鐵男本色 2000 尹楊明, 吳家麗, 于榮光, 黃光亮
無期徒刑 2000 Francis Ng
千蟲與化骨龍 2000 李修賢, 張家輝
洪興大飛傳 2000 黃秋生, 麥家琪, 魏駿
古鏡怪談 2000 林心如, 謝霆鋒, 徐帆
千等一天 2000 沈傲君, 尹子慧
紫色的夢 2001 譚小燕, 李樂
Shaolin Soccer 2001 Stephen Chow (周星馳), 趙薇, 莫文蔚, 張柏芝
飄揚中的紅領巾 (Mainland children's theme film) 2002
Highblinders (U.S. foreign language film) 2002 Jackie Chan
非一般刑警 2003 國內 (合拍片)
12.58 2004 蘇華偉
Ultraviolet (U.S. foreign language film) 2004
龍威父子 2005 洪金寶, 黃曉明
The Last Hour (France foreign language film) 2005
俏黄容 2006 錢昇瑋
Deep gold (U.S. foreign language film) 2007
合約情人 2007 范冰冰, 任賢齊, Alfred Cheung, directed by 元華
分身情侶 2007 馮德倫, 應采兒

As directorEdit

Name Year Starring
高科電器 (commercial) 2004 Fan Bingbing
親情回歸 (television movie) 2002 Loletta Lee, 蓋克, Wong Yut Fei (黃一飛)
大件事 (music video) 2006 Patrick Tang (鄧健泓)
戒不掉妳 (music video) 2006 Patrick Tang (鄧健泓)


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