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Timocles (Ancient Greek: Τιμοκλῆς) was an Athenian comic poet of the Middle Comedy, although Pollux listed him among the writers of New Comedy.[1] The Suda claims that there were two comic poets of this name, but modern scholars equate the two.[2] Unlike most Middle Comedy plays, his works featured a good deal of personal ridicule of public figures, especially orators like Demosthenes and Hyperides.

Surviving Titles and FragmentsEdit

The following twenty eight titles, along with associated fragments, of Timocles' work have survived:

  • Egyptians
  • The Bath-House
  • The Farmer
  • The Ring
  • Delos, or the Man from Delos
  • Public Satyrs
  • Woman Celebrating the Dionysia
  • Dionysus
  • Little Dragon
  • Letters
  • Rejoicing at Another's Misfortune
  • Heroes
  • Icarians, or Satyrs
  • Men from Caunos
  • The Centaur, or Dexamenus
  • Conisalus
  • Forgetfulness
  • Men From Marathon
  • Neaira
  • Orestautocleides
  • The Busybody
  • The Man from Pontus
  • Porphyra
  • The Boxer
  • Sappho
  • Co-Workers
  • Philodicastes
  • The False-Robbers


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