Timex Computer 3256

The TC 3256 or Timex Computer 3256 was a 1987[1] computer created by Timex of Portugal, a branch of Timex Corporation.[2][3][4]

Timex Computer 3256
TypeHome computer
Release datenever released, development started in 1987
Operating systemSinclair BASIC / Timex Extended Basic / CP/M
CPUZilog Z80A
Memory256 KB
PredecessorTimex Sinclair 2068

It was a third generation Sinclair ZX Spectrum compatible computer, with expanded capabilities and new TEC - Timex Extended Commands BASIC commands supporting the AY-3-8912 sound chip, RS-232 network and the 512x192 pixel high resolution graphic mode.[1][5]

Besides the legacy Sinclair BASIC, the ROM included a word processor (Timeword), Timex Extended Basic (with support for the Tenet[3] network, floppy disks and RAM drive) and a CP/M terminal emulator. RAM was expanded to 256kb.

The machine never reached the market since Timex of Portugal shut down its production line before its release.[3]

Technical specificationsEdit


  • Zilog Z80A




  • Improved ULA offering additional screen modes:
    • Text: 32×24 or 64x32 characters (8×8 pixels, rendered in graphics mode)
    • Graphics: 256×192 pixels, 15 colours (two simultaneous colours - "attributes" - per 8×8 pixels, causing attribute clash)
    • Extended Color: 256×192 pixels, 15 colors with colour resolution of 32×192 (two simultaneous colours - "attributes" - per 1×8 pixels)
    • Dual Screen: (two 256×192 pixels screens can be placed in memory)
    • A two color 512×192 mode


  • Beeper (1 channel, 10 octaves and 10+ semitones via internal speaker)
  • AY-3-8912



  • External cassette tape recorder
  • Disk Drive: TOS / CP/M


  • 69 keys with cursors, numpad and function keys

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