Timeline of Thrissur

This timeline of the history of Thrissur documents all events that occurred in Thrissur, Kerala, India, including historical events. Events date back to the early-16th century and continue until the present in chronological order.

Year Date Events
Until 1500 AD
3rd century BC Ancient Kerala(Cheranadu) ruled by Cheras from Muchiripattinam (Muziris), now Kodungallur. Uthiyan Cheraladan is the first known king of Chera Empire.
52 AD St Thomas establishes St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Palayur, the first church in South Asia
629 AD Malik lbn Dinar constructs Cheraman Juma Masjid, the first mosque in South Asia at Kodungallur
16th century
1523 Portuguese Fort at Cranganore
1599 Syrian Christian priests from Palayoor and Mattom take part in the Synod of Diamper
17th century
1606, 1677, 1681 Inscriptions at Palayoor
18th century
1710 Dutch control over Chettuva
1750–1762 Zamorin’s occupation of Thrissur
1789 Tipu Sultan’s occupation of Thrissur
1790 Sakthan Thampuran ascended the throne of Kingdom of Cochin
1791 Treaty between Cochin and the East India Company by which Kingdom of Cochin became a vassal of the company
1794 Fortifications around the Thrissur town by Sakthan Thampuran
1795 Sakthan Thampuran reconstructs Vadakkekara Palace
1798 Sakthan Thampuran starts the world famous Thrissur Pooram
19th century
1800 Cochin State placed under the Madras Government
1814 Construction of the Mart Mariam Big Church at Thrissur
1816 The first known map of Thrissur prepared by John Gould
1872 Thrissur Public Library was formed
1880 St. Joseph Church at Pavaratty was blessed
1889 St. Thomas College, Thrissur was founded
20th century
1914 Oldest club in Central Kerala and the first club in Thrissur, Banerjee Memorial Club was formed
1925 March 18 Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi visits Thrissur for the first time
1927 October 14 Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi visits Thrissur for the second time and strode into the Vivekodayam School
1932 E.M.S. Namboodiripad left St. Thomas College, Thrissur to enlist himself a volunteer of the Indian National Congress at Kozhikode
1935 Labour Brotherhood in Thrissur
1936 Cochin State Congress founded
1936 Electricity agitation
1940 Cochin Karshakasabha founded
1940 July 1 Thrissur municipality was formed
1941 Cochin State Prajamandal
1947 Temple entry allowed in Cochin
1949 Travancore-Cochin State comes into existence
1949 July 1 Thrissur district was formed
1956 November 1 Formation of Kerala State
1986 February 7 Pope John Paul II visits Thrissur City
2000 October 2 Thrissur Municipal Corporation was created, by merging five adjuscent Grama Panchayats to the erstwhile Municipality.
21st Century
2011 March 3 Thrissur City Police was formed
2014 December 27 Achieved Guinness World Records! The largest gathering of Santa Claus was achieved by Thrissur Citizenry and Thrissur Archdiocese (India) at Buon Natale... buon anno Nagar, Sakthan Thampuran ground, Thrissur, Kerala, India.

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