Timacum Minus

Timacum Minus (Latin: Timacum Minus, also known as Serbian: Ravna, Kuline, or Gradište) is archeological site located in Ravna, Serbia. Site was declared Monument of Culture of Great Importance in 1979, and it is protected by Republic of Serbia.[1] Timacum Minus is the oldest military fort in the Timok Valley, eastern Serbia.

Remains of walls.


The archeological site is located SE from a small village of Ravna, north from Knjaževac, near White Timok River. Fortress and nearby village was dated in 1st century AD, and last up until Justinian's restore of the empire in 6th century. Only few kilometers away from the fortress, on the slope of the Slog hill, two Roman necropolis were found, with numerous findings and burial gifts (jewelry, ceramic and glass vessels, money, etc.). Archeological findings from this site are mostly presented in the County Museum of Knjaževac and as well in the archeo-ethno park on site, where Lapidarium is formed.[2]

Ruins at the archaeological site.

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