The Timachi were a Thracian tribe in living by present-day Timok, Serbia, then part of Moesia Inferior (87 AD). It[clarification needed] may have been an artificial creation by the Romans.[1] In the 1st century before Claudius conquest of Thrace, Pliny the Elder lists them as one of the Moesian tribes alongside Dardanians, Celegeri, Triballi and Moesi.[2][3]

The territorial unit of the Timachi was small, limited to a single valley system around the Danube where each tributary was guarded by an auxiliary garrison supervised by praefecti.[1]

They have received or given their name to the Timok region (TIMACUS).[3]

The Celegeri and Timachi were replaced with the Romanized tribes of Tricornenses and Picenses respectively.[2] The Picenses of Pincum (Gradište) "replaced" the Timachi.[3]

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