Tim Saunders

Tim Saunders is a Cornish poet and journalist primarily writing in the Cornish language who also writes in the Welsh, Irish, and Breton languages. He is resident in Cardiff but is of Cornish descent. He is a bard of the Gorsedh Kernow, a literary historian and editor of 'The Wheel' – an anthology of modern poetry in Cornish 1850–1980.[2][3] High Tide is a collection of his own poems in Cornish from the years 1974 to 1999.

Tim Saunders
St Tudy, Cornwall[1]
Occupationwriter, poet
Spouse(s)Lyn Mererid
Helen Ceridwen Price
ChildrenGwenno Saunders
Ani Saunders
Meirion Carwyn Saunders

Tim's daughters, Gwenno and Ani Saunders, were formerly singers with the British indie pop girl group The Pipettes, with Gwenno also playing the keyboards, and are now solo artists.

Standard Written FormEdit

Saunders has spoken out against the development of a Standard Written Form of Cornish, saying

The insulting notion that we are so stupid as to need 'impartial outside experts' to settle our differences is, quite simply, contemptible. Such transparent chicanery would require scholars having limited acquaintance with the Cornish-speaking community, and no accountability, to lay down the law for it. No reputable academic would destroy his or her own reputation by taking up such a patronizing stance.[4]

Selected list of worksEdit

  • 1977: Teithiau (Cyfres y beirdd answyddogol). Y Lolfa. (Author)
  • 1985: Gohebydd Arbennig. Y Lolfa. (Author)
  • 1986: Cliff Preis: Darlithydd Coleg. Y Lolfa. (Author)
  • 1994: Saer Swyn a Storiau Eraill o Gernyw. Gomer Press. (Author)
  • 1999: The Wheel: An Anthology of Modern Poetry in Cornish 1850–1980. Francis Boutle Publishers. (Editor)
  • 2003: Gol Snag Bud Ha Gwersyow Whath. Spyrys a Gernow. (Author)
  • 2003: Cornish is Fun: An Informal Course in Living Cornish. Y Lolfa. (Translator)
  • 2006: Nothing Broken: Recent Poetry in Cornish. Francis Boutle Publishers. (Editor)