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The Tickfaw River /ˈtɪkfɔː/ runs 113 miles (182 km)[1] from Amite County in southwest Mississippi to Livingston Parish in southeast Louisiana. Its mouth opens into Lake Maurepas, which conjoins with Lake Pontchartrain.[2]

Tickfaw River
Swamp in Tickfaw State Park Louisiana.jpg
CountryUnited States
StateMississippi, Louisiana
County/ParishAmite County
Tangipahoa Parish
St. Helena Parish
Livingston Parish
CitiesEasleyville, Louisiana
Holden, Louisiana,
Killian, Louisiana
Physical characteristics
SourceWest Branch Tickfaw River
 ⁃ locationAmite County, Mississippi
 ⁃ coordinates31°03′16″N 90°37′38″W / 31.05444°N 90.62722°W / 31.05444; -90.62722
 ⁃ elevation279 ft (85 m)
MouthLake Maurepas
 ⁃ location
Killian, Livingston Parish, Louisiana
 ⁃ coordinates
30°20′36″N 90°28′27″W / 30.34333°N 90.47417°W / 30.34333; -90.47417Coordinates: 30°20′36″N 90°28′27″W / 30.34333°N 90.47417°W / 30.34333; -90.47417
 ⁃ elevation
−3 ft (−0.91 m)
Length113 mi (182 km)
Basin features
 ⁃ leftBlood River
Natalbany River
Pontchatoula River

The name Tickfaw (Tiak foha) is thought to be derived from the Choctaw phrase meaning "pine rest" or "Rest Among the Pines".[3] [4] More recent anaylsis however has determined the name to be derived from shortening and alteration of Pawticfaw meaning "place where wild animals have shed their hair".[5] Alternate/historical names and spellings:[6]

  • Rio De San Vicente
  • Rio De Tickfaw
  • Rio Go Tickfoha
  • Riviere Ticfoha
  • Ticfaw River
  • Tickfah River
  • Tickfaw Creek

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