Tianhe Church

Christian Church of Guangzhou Tianhe (Chinese: 广州基督教天河堂), also known as Tianhe Church (天河堂), is a Christian TSPM Church in Guangzhou, China. It is located at No. 16-20 Daguan Middle Road, Tianhe District, and hence its name. It is considered the largest church in Guangzhou.[1]

Tianhe Church
Christian Church of Guangzhou Tianhe
The cross on the bell tower of Tianhe Church
LocationNo. 16-20 Daguan Middle Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Functional statusActive
Architect(s)Peng Yongming
Architectural typeComprehensive church
Theology research center
StyleModern architecture
Groundbreaking15 Sep. 2007
Completed14 Jan. 2017
Construction cost29 million / 110 million RMB
Capacity3000 people
Floor area9,431 m2
Pastor(s)Feng Hao, Lin Bingsheng, Yang Yongchun (2017)
Tianhe Church
Traditional Chinese廣州基督教天河堂
Simplified Chinese广州基督教天河堂

Tianhe Church is the first Christian church built in Guangzhou after 1949, and is the first church in Tianhe District.[2] The predecessor of the church was Xiaogang Church [zh] (小港堂) in Haizhu District. Since the church was seriously damaged, it was rebuilt in another place. On September 15, 2007, the foundation stone ceremony of the new church was held, and the construction started on February 10, 2009. It was finally opened on January 14, 2017 officially.[3][4]


The new church was designed by Peng Yongming (彭永明). It covers an area of 8,830 square meters, including Main Hall, Deputy Hall, Bell Tower, Training Building and supporting management room, 5 buildings in total. The total floor area is 9,431 square meters, making it the largest-ever church in Guangzhou.[5]

Church ActivitiesEdit

The table below was entered on August 21, 2017. The content may change at any time. The actual schedule of the day shall prevail.

Day Time (CST) Location Activities
Sunday 9:30-11:00 Main Hall Sunday Worship (Mandarin)
A107 Children's Sunday School
Sunday 14:00-16:30 Lecture Hall Youth party
Wednesday 8:00-9:00 B204 Women's choir
Wednesday 9:15-10:30 B205 Bible study



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