Tia Seu Lupe

Tia Seu Lupe is a historical site at Fatuoaiga, American Samoa, which is maintained by the American Samoa Department of Parks and Recreation.[1] The Tia Seu Lupe Historic Monument was dedicated by Governor Peter Tali Coleman in May 1990. It is located on a 0.2 ha plot of land on the Tafuna Plain which has been leased by the Government of American Samoa. The monument exhibits a stone structure which archeologists believe were platforms constructed for the chiefly sport of pigeon catching.[2] The name "Tia Seu Lupe" literally means "earthen mound to catch pigeons".[3]

Tia Seu Lupe is located near the Holy Family Catholic Cathedral at Ottoville, in a historical park adjacent to the Fatuoaiga Catholic Church Center. The restored pigeon-catching mound resembles in many ways that of the later marae of Eastern Polynesia. It is the most accessible of American Samoa’s star mounds. Tia Seu Lupe has a viewing platform where visitors can observe the two distinct tiers of the ancient structure. It is located behind a statue of St. Mary near the Catholic cathedral at Fatuoaiga.[3][4][5]

The historical park is located next to the only patch of lowland rainforest still found on Tutuila Island.[5][6][7]


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