Through the fence operation

In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) defines Residential Through-the-Fence or RTTF as Access granted to a federally obligated, public airfield from private, residential property or property zoned for residential use.[1]

These are usually private hangars, often built adjacent to, or as part of a house, allowing aircraft owners immediate access to their aircraft and an airport, without having to drive to the airport.

The aircraft does not actually have to pass through a fence to qualify as an RTTF operation. This term is used only because most federally funded airports have a fence enclosing the entire property, that users on adjacent private property will have to pass through.

Airports with RTTF AccessEdit

Airport Name US State ID
Abrams Municipal MI 4D0
Adams County Legion Field WI 63C
Afton Municipal WY KAFO
Bisect NY K09
Bois Blanc MI 6Y1
Boonville CA D83
Boyceville Municipal WI 3T3
Bridgeport Municipal TX KXBP
Brown County OH KGEO
Cameron Airpark CA O61
Cashmere-Dryden WA 8S2
Cedar Key/George FL KCDK
Central Jersey Regional NJ 47N
Charlevoix Municipal Ml KCVX
Chilton County AL 02A
Christmas Valley OR 62S
Clermont County OH I69
Clow International IL 1C5
Cottage Grove State OR 61S
Currituck County Regional NC KONX
D.W. Hooks TX KDWH
Driggs-Reed Memorial ID KDIJ
Drummond Island MI KDRM
Ed Carlson Memorial Field – South Lewis County WA KTDO
Erie Municipal CO KEIK
Gardner Municipal MA KGDM
Gold Beach Municipal OR 4S1
Grove Field WA 1W1
Hammonton Municipal NJ N81
Hamry Field ND K74
Harbor Springs MI KMGN
Hobby Field OR 77S
Houston Southwest TX KAXH
Huntington Municipal IN KHHG
Independence State OR 7S5
James Clements Municipal MI 3CM
Kelly Island land Field OH 89D
L.O. Simenstad Municipal WI KOEO
Lago Vista-Rusty Allen TX KRYW
Lakeland Airport/Noble F. Lee Memorial WI KARV
Livingston Municipal TX 00R
Lonesome Pine VA KLNP
Meadow Lake CO KFLY
Morrow County Airport OH 4I9
Nevada County Air Park CA KGOO
New Kent County VA W96
Newton Field ME 59B
Ocean city Municipal NJ 26N
Oceana County MI C04
Odessa Municipal WA 43D
Orcas Island WA KORS .
Osceola Municipal IA I75
Payson AZ KPAN
Pearland Regional TX KLVJ
Pine Mountain Lake CA E45
Put-in-Bay OH 3W2
Quillayute WA KUIL
Rosalia Municipal WA 72S
Sacramento Executive CA KSAC
Salem Municipal IN I83
Sandpoint ID KSZT
Scott County TN KSCX
Siletz Bay State OR S45
Skyhaven NH KDAW
South Jersey Regional NJ KVAY
St. Louis Metro-East/Shafer Field IL 3K6
Suwannee County FL 24J
Trinity Center CA O86
Tullahoma Regional TN KTHA
West Houston TX KIWS
Whiteside County – Jos H. Bittorf Field IL KSQI
Williams County OH 0G6
Wiscasset ME KIWI
Wittman Regional WI KOSH