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Thrilling Adventures

Thrilling Adventures was a monthly American pulp magazine published from 1931 to 1943.[1]

Thrilling Adventures
CategoriesPulp magazine
FounderLeo Margulies
Year founded1931
Final issue1943
CountryUnited States


Thrilling Adventures was created in 1931 by editor Leo Margulies[2] and was patterned after the pulp Adventure. It was one of 16 pulps that Margulies founded that incorporated the adjective "Thrilling" in the title. (The company that published the Thrilling titles eventually changed its name to Thrilling Publications.)[2] The first edition of Thrilling Adventures was published in December 1931.

Thrilling Adventures published fictional stories, mostly of the adventure and sports genres.[3] It continued as a monthly until 1943, when it was reduced to a bimonthly, and the final issue was the November 1943 edition.[1] A total of 139 issues were published during its existence.[4]


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