Three dots

Three dots can refer to:

  • Ellipsis (… or . . .), indicates an intentional omission of a word
  • Asterism (typography) (⁂, sometimes *** or three dots), indicates a flourished section break in a document
  • Therefore sign ( or ∴), a shorthand form of the word "therefore" or "thus"
  • Abbreviation (∴) in Free Masonry: Freemasons use ∴ as an abbreviation sign like in W∴M∴ standing for Worshipful Master, the Master of the L∴ i.e. the Lodge.
  • Because sign (∵), a shorthand form of the word "because"
  • 3 Dots, a 2013 Malayalam film
  • Three Dots Tattoo, a prison tattoo in North America
  • āytam (ஃ), a Tamil letter which is neither a vowel nor a consonant
  • The Unicode character for a vertical ellipsis (⋮)
  • In some programming languages such as C, JavaScript and PHP, ... is used as part of the spread syntax (array unpacking) or for rest parameters (variadic function), and is called splat operator in PHP, or rest operator in JavaScript.