Thomson TO9+

The Thomson TO9+ is a home computer introduced by French company Thomson SA in 1986.[1][2] It kept the professional look of the Thomson TO9 by using a separate keyboard[3] (lower end models usually had an integrated keyboard).

Thomson TO9+
ManufacturerThomson SA
Release date1986; 37 years ago (1986)
Introductory price7 490 FF
Operating systemBasic 512, Basic 1.0 and Disk Basic
CPUMotorola 6809E, 1 MHz
Memory512KB RAM
Storagedisc drive, tape (optional)
GraphicsThomson EF9369, 640 x 200
Sound3 channels, 7 octaves
Input81 keys AZERTY keyboard, light pen
Controller inputjoystick, mouse
Thomson TO8
PredecessorThomson TO9

It's based on the Thomson TO8 and fully compatible with it. This also enables it to run Thomson MO6 software. The computer was designed to be used as a Minitel server and has a built-in V23 modem (with a speed of 1200/75 bauds). This feature was accessible under BASIC and from the communication software that came with the computer. The machine was sold with a word processing program (Paragraphe), a database (Fiches & Dossiers) and a spreadsheet (Multiplan).

Compared with the TO9, the TO9+ added:[4][5]

  • Basic 512
  • 512 KB RAM
  • double-sided floppy disk drive (640 kB)
  • integrated modem
  • two ports for mice or joysticks


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