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Thomas Brinton was a medieval Bishop of Rochester.

Thomas Brinton
Bishop of Rochester
Appointed31 January 1373
Term ended4 May 1389
PredecessorThomas Trilleck
SuccessorWilliam Bottlesham
Consecration6 February 1373
Personal details
Died4 May 1389

Brinton was nominated on 31 January 1373 and consecrated on 6 February 1373. He died on 4 May 1389.[1]

A certain sermon of his, catalogued as Sermon 69 in collections of his work, was preached in 1376 during the meeting of the Good Parliament. He mentions an imagined parliament of rats and mice (referring to the fable of belling the cat), and this image is generally considered to have inspired the similar image in the prologue of Piers Plowman.[2]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Thomas Trilleck
Bishop of Rochester
Succeeded by
William Bottlesham