This Heart of Mine

"This Heart of Mine" is a 1944 song. This music standard was written by composer Harry Warren and lyricist Arthur Freed to be featured in the musical film score Ziegfeld Follies. This song is introduced by Fred Astaire who danced with Lucille Bremer in a lavish and romantic dance. In the same film, Esther Williams swam in a water ballet to a softer, instrumental version of the song.

"This Heart of Mine"
Song by Henry Warren, Arthur Freed
PublishedTriangle Music Corporation
Composer(s)Harry Warren
Lyricist(s)Arthur Freed

The dance sequenceEdit

Astaire plays a con artist hoping to steal some jewelry. He dances with a larger lady but soon he eyes the beautiful Lucille Bremer and cuts in to dance with her. They proceed to dance out in the terrace where they dance around steps and moving walkways. It ends with the end of the ball and Astaire stealing Lucille's bracelet while kissing her. She then proceeds to give him her necklace. They separate and Astaire ponders if he'd allowed his chance for real love get away. He looks back and she runs into his arms.

This was the second of four features for Fred Astaire in the movie Ziegfeld Follies.

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