Therapy (Diatribe EP)

Therapy is the debut EP of Diatribe, released in 1991 by Eight One Nine Productions.[1][2] It was reissued by COP International later that year.

Diatribe - Therapy.jpg
EP by
Released1991 (1991)
Recorded1990 (1990) – 1991 (1991)
StudioSuburban Blood Shed
(San Jose, CA)
GenreIndustrial rock
LabelEight One Nine
ProducerMarc Jameson
Diatribe chronology


Diatribe's Therapy EP was originally released in 1991 by Eight One Nine Productions. The music came to the attention of Christian Petke, vocalist and founding member of Deathline International, and he decided to use Diatribe and Battery as premier band's for his label COP International.[3] "Cockeyed Motherfucker" was first released on the 1990 various artists compilations From the Machine by Index Productions[4] and A Reason for Living by Santa Cruz Skateboards.[5] The songs "Tantau" and "Needle Park" were released on COP Intl.'s California Cyber Crash Compilation and If It Moves...'s The Cyberflesh Conspiracy in 1992.[6][7][8][9] The artwork for the release was accidentally switched with Meat Market by Diatribe when it was reissued on COP International in 1992.[10]

Track listingEdit

All tracks are written by Marc Jameson, Kevin Marburg, Vince Montalbano and Pat Toves.

3."Billy the Kid"1:15
Side two
1."Cockeyed Motherfucker"5:13
2."Needle Park"5:09
CD issue
3."Maximum Therapy"8:48


Adapted from the Therapy liner notes.[11]


Release historyEdit

Region Date Label Format Catalog
United States 1991 Eight One Nine CS eon 021
COP Intl. CD COP 003


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