Theodor Friedl

Theodor Friedl (February 13, 1842 in Vienna – September 5, 1900 in Warth, Lower Austria) was an Austrian sculptor.

Friedl pediment sculpture at the Mahen Theatre, Brno
One of the Horse Tamer statues at Maria-Theresien-Platz


Friedl studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna under Anton Dominik Fernkorn. Among his first major commissions was a program of architectural sculpture for the 1877 Vienna Stock Exchange, a collaboration with the Danish-Austrian neo-classic architect Theophil Hansen. The program included a quadriga, six full-figure statues, and a series of frieze panels around the cornice line.

The same year Friedl had also begun a long-term working relationship with Viennese architects Fellner & Helmer for theaters across Europe, transmitting variations of the Viennese neo-classic Ringstraße Style to Sofia, Brno, Berlin, etc.

Friedl was buried with honors at the Zentralfriedhof Cemetery, with a portrait relief on his tomb by sculptor Leopold Kosig.


Friedl's major work includes:


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